On December 10, 2020, PM Narendra Modi laid the building's cornerstone

There will be 1272 seats total, of which 888 will be allocated to the Lok Sabha and 384 to the Rajya Sabha.

Four floors high and 64,500 square meters in size, BANG in the center of Delhi, the capital of India

It is estimated that the structure will last for about 150 years 

The new structure has a triangle-like form and is 10% smaller than the previous structure 

The building's principal architect is Bimal Patel

The building of the new parliament is being built by Tata Projects Limited 

The building will cost 971 crores in total 

New parliament graced by the historical scepter known as "Sengol 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi dedicated India's new Parliament building on May 28, 2023.